Link Training Solutions 

Link is committed to developing people to be the best at what they do. Specialising in the Health & Social Care sector we offer a wide range of training courses and services that promote best outcomes and have a proven success rate with our clients.

We have been for many providers and to hope to be your one stop shop for support services in the Health & Social Care sector. We are Link and we are your training solution.

Link, established in 2007, are the preferred training provider for Advanced Childcare Ltd, who are now the largest childcare provider in the sector. Along with Advanced we have joined up with hundreds of providers on their journey to success. We have an established team of trainers who are the best in their field and we pride ourselves on ensuring all our trainers have hands on experience and truly understand the challenges of working in the Health & Social Care sector. We offer bespoke training in a range of areas including all statutory training required by Ofsted / CQC which far exceeds any national minimum standards. For more information contact our team. 

In addition to training we offer a range of other services such as;

Recruitment & Induction Services - Let us find you the best staff and deliver you a high quality team

Crisis Intervention Services - Do you have a home/service in crisis? Let us clean it up
Quality Assurance & Self Regulation - Are you ready for Ofsted / CQC? Let us raise your game