Do you offer accredited training?

Yes we do, we are an accredited training provider by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and offer many C.I.E.H. accredited courses in a range of disciplines.

Do you provide ample support and facilities for disabled trainees?

We have venues and trainers equipped to provide adequate services for trainees with special needs.

Do you provide training in foreign languages? And if so are the exam papers written in foreign languages?

We are proud to be able to offer this service, we work in conjunction with qualified interpreters and are able to provide exam papers in most languages.

How long is the training?

Courses vary in duration depending on content and level, please use the enquiry form and view our course outlines for more details.

Are the courses certified?

Yes all courses are certified

Are all trainers qualified?

Trainers at link training solutions hold professional training qualifications. They are approved by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Can you provide training on our business premises?

We are very flexible and can arrange to train on site at your convenience.

In what areas of the country do you offer training?

We offer a nationwide service.


What is a NVQ?

A NVQ is a National Vocational Qualification, like a GCSE, and is therefore valuable and means something. The achievement of a NVQ means that the employee is competent to perform the job to a benchmark standard set by the relevant Sector Skills Council.

Where would the assessment take place?

It would be carried out in the workplace and fits in with everyday work demands and responsibilities.

How long will it take?

As little as 12 weeks, or as long as required. As a guide, a standard NVQ Level 2 qualification would not normally take more than 6 months. To gain the NVQ, the Learner needs to show that they are working to the required standards consistently over a period of time.

How is the NVQ achieved?

NVQs are obtained through building a portfolio of evidence. Evidence can comprise of emails, delivery paperwork, photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, guided discussions, statements from line managers etc, and observations by the Assessor.

Who will carry out the Assessment?

The Assessor assigned will be Sector Competent. That is to say, they have extensive, proven experience in actually doing the jobs they are assessing and have not obtained their knowledge solely from a text book. The Assessor is there to assist, advise and guide the Learner through all aspects of the NVQ process. The Assessor reviews the evidence presented, measures the evidence against the standards, and provides regular feedback.