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Introduction to Management

Who it’s for

This course is suited for people in their primary managerial role, or anyone looking for a comprehensive overview of the latest in management theory and practice.

  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Why manage?
    • Meeting expectations
    • The key responsibilities of a manager

  • Leadership and communication
    • Identify your communication style
    • Improve communication
    • The importance of regular meetings
    • Develop assertive behaviour
    • The myths of leadership and the five dimensions of an authentic leader

  • Management style and team dynamics
    • Use of the appropriate style of management depending on the team, task and individual
    • Building your team
    • Motivating others through delegation
    • Making delegation work and avoiding common pitfalls
    • Manage your own time effectively
  • Motivation and reward
    • Motivators: theoretical approaches
    • Define performance standards and use appropriate tools/indicators
    • Linking reward to results
    • Setting goals and SMART objectives
    • Delivering both motivational and developmental feedback
    • Competency Framework
    • Dealing with difficult situations and people: role play and discussion
    • Coaching
    • Retaining talent
    • Benefits of 360 degree review
  • Feedback and dealing with difficult situations
    • Structure for constructive feedback
    • Do's and don'ts of feedback
    • Motivational and developmental feedback
    • Conduct and capability issues
    • Practical exercises
  • Self Management
    • Self-analysis for managers
    • Assertiveness: golden rules of saying no
    • Managing conflict within teams
    • Time and stress management: procrastination and displacement activity and the prioritisation matrix

Duration: 2 days

Cost: Contact us

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