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Managing Difficult People

Who it’s for

Dealing with difficult people is a challenging. It impacts on your time, energy and resources. To avoid this, you need to develop strategies that help you deal with the problem behaviour, and encourages them to become cooperative and productive members of the team

This course is ideal for managers who consider members of their team to be 'difficult' and managers who are struggling to deal with a member of the team whose behaviour is impacting on the team dynamic.

Course Overview

  • Learn management strategy to get the best from those who:
    • say they will but don’t
    • disrupt the team
    • are often aggressive
    • are overly cynical
    • destroy team morale
    • want promotion but aren't ready
    • refuse to accept feedback
  • Understand  what can trigger difficult behaviour
  • Identify different kinds of personalities and develop strategies for dealing with them
  • Communication barriers and handling emotion
  • Performance management and achieving effective results.
  • Legal issue
  • Involving HR


We appreciate the need to protect confidentiality, particularly when courses deal with sensitive issues.


1 day

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